Meet Ryan

“Ryan was born on Oct 18th, 2004 with a rare form of skeletal dysplasia, specifically chondrodysplasia punctata-tibia metacarpal type...ie...dwarfism.  Ryan has low muscle tone and is on the spectrum for spina bifida and palsy.  Ryan has a leg length discrepancy on his right leg and wears daytime & nighttime AFO braces on both legs.  He can walk short distances but requires breaks in-between for longer walks.  Ryan likes sports like basketball, football, frisbee but has never been able to play basketball or football due to his back problems and physical limitations.  He has minor compression of the spinal cord by the neck area making contact sports dangerous for him.  


It is a struggle to find a method of exercise that the entire family can enjoy including Ryan. Riding a bicycle is one of the options we recently stumbled on but the challenge then became finding a bicycle that was comfortable with all the support for his back and accommodating to this stature and AFO braces. Ryan receiving an adaptive bike would benefit him in many ways.”

Steven (Ryan’s Father)

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