Meet Brayden

“Brayden Moos was born 12/21/12 and weighed 7 pounds. He decided from the beginning to make sure we were paying attention to him. Brayden couldn’t maintain his weight or temperature, and almost earned himself a stay at Delnor Hospital’s Special Care Nursery. We fought for him to come home as long as we promised close pediatrician follow-ups (and almost daily), even on Christmas. After a few months he started to gain weight, freeing us of that worry. 


As Brayden approached two years old, I noticed he never babbled and spoke almost 5 words, if you listened closely. I asked the pediatrician at his 2-year well-child visit what was normal and when we should worry. His doctor explained that at this point Brayden should be babbling all the time and should have a vocabulary of 50 words that should rapidly expand. This visit quickly started us on the path towards Brayden’s initial diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech. With Brayden’s speech delay and his ever-mounting frustration with not being understood, we started working on learning American Sign Language both at Speech Therapy and at home. Brayden’s speech therapist noticed almost immediately that with signs that required both hands, Brayden could not cross his midline to complete the sign. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy both evaluated him, qualifying him for both therapies once a week. We have since added Aqua Therapy, the ABA therapists keep an eye on him, and Hippotherapy (horse therapy) is being highly recommended. At the ripe old age of 5, Brayden is in four 45-minute therapy sessions a week. We attempted soccer to try to let him have a neuro-typical hobby, but due to his extensive motor planning delays, this wasn’t the most successful attempt. He is an exceptionally brilliant child that loves playing with his friends and making up stories. Brayden is also very much aware of his delays and difficulties in keeping up with his friends, and this has caused much anxiety and frustration for him. Giving him the opportunity to grow as much as possible is our goal for him, and we are grateful for each and every person and opportunity that aides in this.”

Ashley (Brayden’s Mother)

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